Home Kitchen

8 tips to remodel the home kitchen

Many homeowners take advantage of kitchen remodeling to increase the value of their home and the pool of buyers. Kitchen remodels often sell a home faster and at a higher price thanks to kitchen upgrades. Homeowners looking to sell their home in the short term may first want to update their kitchen. It is typically a 100% return remodeling project,

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Digital Marketing

An introduction to the designer clothing brand ‘Elvis Jesus’

Elvis Jesus burst onto the fashion world in 1997 by taking a 'live-fast die-hard' Rock'n'Roll approach to the trends, fashion and style of the time. He introduced chaos, glamor and philosophy to the industry, almost instantly developing a worldwide subculture of dedicated fans; these fans had been demanding something fresh, dazzling and daring: Elvis Jesus' brilliant release exceeded these demands

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How to cure pubic lice

To cure pubic lice forever you have to be serious. Indulging is easy, but not enough. Since pubic lice infestation is considered a sexually transmitted disease, you must also treat your partner or you will recover immediately. A person could have pubic lice and not even know it, so don't call your partner a liar if he insists he's clean.

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Legal Law

Dissipation Claims in Illinois Divorce Cases

In determining how to divide property in Illinois divorce cases, judges are governed by 750 ILCS 5/503(d), which sets forth a number of factors that affect how marital property can be distributed. The second of these factors that the Court may consider is the dissipation of marital property by either party. Illinois appellate courts have defined "dissipation" as the use

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